10 Ways to Make a Quick $100

We all need a little extra cash these days. Money’s tight, but if you’re like me I’m tired of pinching every penny. Wouldn’t an extra $100 make you’re day?

Here’s a quick list, submitted by readers, on real ways they’ve made a little extra cash.

Quick money

1. Sell Your Junk – Millions of folks have figured out how to make a lot more than $100 on eBay.com and Craigslist.com, but even hobbyist can turn old stuff into quick cash on these websites. You don’t have to look further than your attic, garage, or basement for junk that will sell like treasures. Snap a few digital photos of stuff gathering dust around your home list it. You’ll be shocked what people will pay for things you might normally throw away.

If you want something a little more advanced, get into the used book niche. Gather some old books and use Amazon.com, Half.com, or Cash4Books.net to open a virtual used book store.

2. Coaching at Local School – Junior and Senior High schools are always in need of dedicated coaches. They’re not paying the big bucks, but if you like sports and can coach a winning team you’re looking at a lot more than a $100. Call your local schools.

3. Referee for Local Sports – Just like coaching, all of these sports need multiple referees for every competition. Everything from girl’s volleyball to boy’s football needs referees, umpires, and judges. Call a couple of games a week and you are easily looking at $100–every week.

4. Freelancing – Can you do what you do best…a little more? If you’re looking for extra cash trade-in a little spare time to apply your expertise to someone else’s small project. If you are a programmer, designer, or writer this is an easy way to pick-up extra cash without learning something new. Just sign-up for Elance.com, ODesk.com, or Guru.com to pick up an extra gig or two.

(By the way, we’re looking for excellent personal finance staff writers. Check out our guest contributor page.)

Note: make sure it’s okay with your current employer to do some non-competitive freelancing.

5. Crafting – Lots of creative folks are turning their hobbies into cash. Scrapbookers, candle-makers, cross-stitchers, potters, quilters, and the like are offering their masterpieces for sale at craft shows, local fairs, and even online at websites like Etsy.com.

6. Odd Jobs – Everyone needs a handyman (or handywoman). Leaky faucets, torn screens, drafty windows, dilapidated mailboxes, even new basements and decks are always on homeowners’ list of TODOs. If you have the time and skills…swap it for their cash.

7. Pet Sitter – Nothing creates more anxiety for a pet owner than leaving their precious dog or cat. If you’re a pet lover this is an easy way to pick up some extra cash. Make a flyer and stuff a few mailboxes. You’ll have a $100 of bookings by the evening.

8. Teaching - Do you like teaching and encouraging others growth? During any economic downturn enrolls spike at community colleges, professional development courses, and colleges tailored for working students. This creates lots of opportunities for part-time evening or online teaching positions. Check out the University of Phoenix or Kaplan for opportunities to teach others your working knowledge.

9. Researcher – With the explosion of the Internet two important things happened. First, content available to the average person exploded. Then, the explosion became overwhelming. Now it’s a full time job searching, sorting, and processing mountains of data to turn it into useful nuggets of information. This is your opportunity! Can you take a premise and dig to support or refute it? If so, you could be a researcher for a myriad of folks: authors, information product creators, publishers.

(Again, this is another position we are looking to fill at Your Money Drawer. If this is you drop us an email–contact@yourmoneydrawer.com–and include a link to your Linkedin profile.)

10. Wait Staff – It’s not glamorous, or maybe it is–think of all the movie stars discovered waiting tables. The short and sweet of it is that waiting tables or staffing seasonal retail is always a guaranteed hire and extra cash. It may not be a career, but it can loosen the cash squeeze and the hours (i.e., evenings) often make it an easy moonlighting option.

Join the discussion…How have you made an extra $100?

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  • Joey

    good read! this article makes it sound like its better than going to casino to make money fast!

  • http://about.me/colinmichael Colin Michael

    I never cease to be amazed at how much I can make from selling stuff I have around the house. And it is usually the weird stuff that sells best. I have a ton of books, but most of them are worthless online… except gaming books, graphic novels, and comics. The more pictures the better they sell. One time I made several thousand dollars selling off my old sci-fi gaming books, and another time I made almost two thousand selling camera repair references left over after I closed my repair shop.

    Right now scrap metal stuff like old wire, old lawn mowers, and old copper pennies are good money makers. So here’s something you might try: offer to clean up junk in people’s yards or barns or sheds. You can charge them a small fee or offer to do it free (especially for older neighbors on fixed incomes) and actually make money selling or scrapping the junk! Watch out for tires or old computer monitors and stuff that you’d have to pay to dispose of, but otherwise it is fun to turn junk into money.

    • http://YourMoneyDrawer.com Bill Rice

      So very true. The old adage, “one person’s trash is another’s treasure” is so true!
      Great comment!